Our Horses

Pair with the horse of your dreams

Our Horses

Much like each of our lesson riders, each horse at HHS is unique. Our first meeting is useful in evaluating your needs and goals as a rider. Based on this valuable information, we will team you with one of the following mounts. Meet our horses!



This go-to gelding might be the true love of more than one HHS rider. After all, he’s a flashy (registered) Leopard Appaloosa, family-friendly, and loyal — you can’t help but fall for this hunk! With his steadfast and true nature, “Caspie” competes at local shows with multiple riders (youth and adult) in trail, pleasure, showmanship classes, and Western Dressage. Recently, he earned Reserve Champion High Point at an S2 Dressage show. For new riders, he’s a trustworthy ambassador. His guilty pleasure? Well, he often drifts off to sleep during his after-ride rub down.

HH Hollywood Magic

This cutie is our barn greeter and accepts scratches in lieu of barn entry (Tip: scratch her rear!) Although her official name is HH Hollywood Magic, we call her Gracie. Some other titles she’s earned include “The Golden Pony,” Lunch Line Queen,” and “Princess Twinkle Toes.” She undoubtedly plays several roles around HHS. Most importantly, beginner lunge line riders do well on this gal, and she’s also a reliable mount for intermediate riders. Gracie has interesting beginnings; her sire was 14.2 hh, dame was 16.2 hh — yep, Keri had to dig a ditch to make that connection happen. (Photo coming soon!)

Painted Tiggeret


With her pretty blue eyes and dramatic eyeliner, Tigger could have her own makeup line. She’s shown at 4-H and local shows, along with Classical and Western Dressage. As a registered Paint, she’s athletic and ready to work for you — great for a novice rider with matched energy. Look down the barn aisle, and there’s a good chance you’ll see Tigger with her head out of her stall, catching a refreshing breeze or exchanging local gossip.


As a retired endurance horse, Rimmy is a “been there, done that, got the trophy” fellow. He’s a purebred Arabian and fantastic at teaching people how to be a rider. He competes in Western horsemanship, trail classes, and Western Dressage. Most people would describe him as a good boy with a good handle on himself. Knowing his past, we call him solid as a rock. He was previously an EMT rescue horse for emergencies. During this training, he stood solid as a rock while they threw tarps on him, opened umbrellas, used fire extinguishers, and lit sparklers — nothing fazes this guy. (Photo coming soon!)

Vanessa’s Fame


This gorgeous gal has the softest gates known to humankind but is the laziest soul ever to grace the earth. Yet, we love her for the talented mount she is. As a doubled registered Half Arabian National Show Horse (1/2 Arab, 1/2 Saddlebred), Vanessa has shown in Class A Arabian Classical Dressage first level. She also earned the Western Dressage World Reserve Champion in youth division for basic and intro. Beginner to advanced riders enjoy her company; however, she does require a rider with the gumption to bring her skills to the surface. In other words, she has to believe you as a rider because there’s no fooling this one.

Mocha Espresso

Aptly named after a tasty beverage, Mocha is a lover of all things food — especially peppermints. This gelding is 3/4 Arabian and 1/4 Paint, earning Western Dressage World Top Ten in basic and first level. But that’s just for starters. He earned the Arabian Nation Top Ten Western Dressage basic, along with Class A Arabian multiple regional. So, this guy has probably more than earned a buffet of his very own. (Photo coming soon!)